01. What is BUNDOOK.IN?

Bundook.in is a marketplace for all products related to Guns. Guns of all types, from firearms to airguns to airsoft guns to sports guns. Bundook.in intends to be the one-stop point where any gun enthusiast or sports shooter can come and find whatever they are looking for, or to sell their existing equipment to other enthusiasts.

02. How can you sell FIREARMS online? Is it legal?

Bundook.in is NOT selling Firearms online. Bundook.in is NOT an Arms and Ammunition dealer. It is a ONLY A CLASSIFIEDS WEBSITE where individuals can post for sale their legally owned Firearms among other items, and where Licenced individuals can browse to find suitable firearms and then connect with the poster to complete their transaction offline, as laid out in the law.

Firearms possession and use are regulated in India by the Arms Act 1959 and the Arms Rules 1962. Any citizen of India who wishes to own a firearms MUST acquire an Arms Licence for the same from his local Licencing Authority, as per the rules and guidelines laid down in the law. The same act allows any licenced individual to sell his owned firearm to any other similiarly licenced individual following certain directions, including giving a 45 day notice period to the relevant Licencing Authorities.

It is this kind of a transaction that Bundook.in aims to facilitate. Licenced individuals or authorised Dealers, having legally owned Firearms can offer them for sale on Bundook.in. Individuals interested in purchasing the item can then get directly in touch with the poster and if they both conform to the provisions of the law, they can carry out the firearms sale/purchase transaction independantly as specified under the Arms Act 1952, with Bundook.in being no party to the transaction. As such Bundook.in is only a medium of advertisement, and hence all operations are COMPLETELY LEGAL.

03. Do I need an Arms Licence to buy things on Bundook.in

The Arms Act 1952 only covers a specific number and type of items as requiring a licence. On Bundook.in, that would mean all items posted under the Firearms Category, Firearm Ammunition, Sports Guns category and perhaps some items in the Air Gun Category will require a potential buyer to possess an Arms Licence for the category of item he wishes to purchase.

While this is a generic thumbrule, the BUYERS are advised to ensure that they have checked all legalities prior to initiating a transaction with any seller. A simple mechanism may be to simple ask the Seller, if they have an Arms Licence to hold the item they are selling. If the answer is YES, then the Buyer WILL require a similiar category licence if he wishes to buy the item. Even otherwise, it is prudent to either read through the Arms Act 1952 or confirm with someone competent prior to undertaking any transaction for items listed in firearm related categories.

04. How do I post an item to SELL

Create a login on www.bundook.in by registering as a user. If you are an Arms Dealer, then select that option and enter the additional details required. Then log into the system and Create an AD. Enter all relevant details of your item, including the price and post images {Images ensure that interested people respond faster and more credibly}.

Bundook.in allows users to post ads for FREE for a period of 1 month. In case you wish to highlight your ad, you may purchase a FEATURED AD plan, which will ensure your ad is visible for a longer time and highlighted to potential buyers.

05. Why should I FEATURE my ad?

Featured Ads are given priority visibility in the site and searches for potential buyers. They also indicate a seriousness on part of the Seller that is communicated to the Buyer, enhancing their confidence in entering a transaction. The chances of getting more responses are much higher if you have a Featured Ad than if you are using a normal ad.

06. I am a BUYER. How can I buy things on Bundook.in?

There are primarily 2 types of items on Bundook.in. Those that require an Arms Licence to purchase and those that can be purchased without any restrictions.

For items which require an Arms Licence, like Firearms etc, you MUST have a similiar category licence to undertake the transaction. You may then contact the SELLER of the item you are interested in, using the contact details on the site, and take the transaction offline. If you are satisfied with the SELLERS credentials and the deal being offered, you are free to enter into the transaction. Bundook.in is NOT A PART of any such transaction, apart from simply listing items offered for sale, and as such WILL NOT BE LIABLE for any eventuality arising out of any successful or unsuccessful transaction entered into by a Buyer and Seller.

For items which don’t require any licence, like air guns, holsters, apparel etc, you may simply contact the Seller and arrange to make the payment. The Seller will then initiate the delivery. Again, Bundook.in serves only as a via media and is not responsible for any transaction failures. However, we do maintain a rating system as well as strict zero-tolerance policy towards Sellers who do not fulfill their committments, and take appropriate action. Yet, the responsibility for any transaction is clearly resting with the BUYER and SELLER ONLY.

07. I ordered an item but am not satisfied. What do I do?

Please contact the Seller with your grievances. As BUNDOOK.IN is not a party to the transaction, which is entered into by the SELLER and BUYER independantly, and may usually involve discussions and negotiations Bundook is not privy to, Bundook can not assist in rectifying any complaint. If you receive a defective product, Bundook may request the Seller to rectify the problem or provide a replacement, but it is at the discretion of the Seller. If you feel that the Seller is not resolving the problem satisfactorily, please write to us and we will bar the Seller from the marketplace if found required. If you are unhappy with the product due to changing your mind, please try to request the Seller to take it back or replace it with some other item.

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