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In answer to the pressing need of Gun Owners and Gun lovers in India, Bundook is the single point destination for all their needs, be it buying a new rifle or selling an old revolver to finding the right holster or sights or kitting up completely with jackets, trousers and shoes for state or national level shooting competitions. Bundook is also the place to search which Arms & Ammunition Dealer in which location has what availability of firearms, air guns, ammunition, cases, holsters, kits and other accessories, thus bringing a wider choice to those who indulge in a love of guns.



Bundook.in is ONLY A MARKETPLACE website, where people can list their legally permitted possessions for sale and those who are interested and legally eligible can contact them for closing a deal. Bundook.in IS NOT A FIREARMS DEALERSHIP or engaged in SELLING firearms or other restricted items, but simply a medium for posting and searching advertisements for firearms, ammunition and other accessories and products which may or may not be controlled under the purview of the Arms Act 1959, Arms Rules 1962 and any and all other applicable laws of the Replublic of India . Firearms and other such restricted ownership products ARE NOT available for ONLINE SALE on Bundook.in. Other products, not governed by any such laws may be available for direct offline transactions as well as online purchase, on a case basis.

Bundook.in does not verify the legality of any item being posted for sale by an individual. It is assumed that a person posting an ad is legally permitted to own, possess and sell such item. Anyone posting an ad without neccessary legal permits is in violation of the law, and as such punishable by relevant authorities. It is the responsibility of the person posting the ad to ensure that the item is legal for possession in India, that they have the legal right to possess it and that they are legally allowed to sell it to any other legally allowed individual. If the illegality of any item posted for sale is bought to the notice to Bundook.in, it shall be summarily taken down, and information provided to relevant authorities.

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